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Sell Insurance

Health insurance policies for small-scale businesses are a critical element to the security and stability of any business, even a small one. If you’ve had experience working in the insurance business, setting up your own business health insurance company can be an a great opportunity. The company will require a tiny room that will be able to handle admin tasks. Your responsibilities include finding the right policy for every client according to their unique demands, searching for the best prices in the marketplace, and processing all the paperwork associated with the policy. You’ll have to be informed about the different types of policies and knowledgeable of state laws concerning health insurance.

As well as the traditional health insurance plan, you can also offer additional services such as dental and vision insurance, as well as life in addition to disability. Offering a diverse selection of alternatives to your customers can ensure they get insurance they require without overspending. In a tiny office in which to store any essential equipment, selling insurance can be an excellent business idea.

Start an IT Business

IT services are essential for any business of any size that wishes to be competitive in today’s technological world. You can set up the foundation of an IT business in a small space. This lets you profit from the growing demands for IT support and consulting. The space you have will be needed to store your staff along with a laptop computer. Based on the type of service you offer and the size of your company there may be a need for an additional staff member to support your business.

The possibilities are endless for you to provide a number of offerings, such as software implementation, hardware installation and maintenance, network setup including data backup and recovery and IT security evaluation. As technology advances, there are chances to offer more advanced solutions like closing


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