How the Professionals Perform Home Window Repair – DIY Home Improvement Tricks

Place duct or masking tape to form the shape of an “X” across the pane. Carefully tap the pane to ensure that it comes loose. The tape could serve to hold the pane together in case it fails.

A tip: wear gloves made of leather as well as a protective plastic headband over your head. Protect yourself from broken glass that can result in ER visit difficulties.

Step Three Third: Cut New Glass

Before removing old glass, it is recommended to have measured the glass. Apply those measurements to an entirely new sheet of cleaned glass, and then cut it. For scoring straight edges on the glass, you will need a glass cutting machine. Carefully separate the glass using the dowel, and then press it down the glass.

Step Four: Installing New Glass

A soft bed of putty that the glass will rest, should be first applied. It is important to ensure that the glass has a good seal well into the putty before it is dried. To stop air or water from entering into the glass use more putty. Scrape away excess glazing, then you’re done.

Professionals can fix your windows at home in half the time that they would require. If push comes to shove, now you know how to fix your windows at home. Additionally, you can save money.