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Are you curious about commercial electrical services? Check out this short video to find out more.

Commercial electricians are accountable for design, installation, maintenance repair and installing electrical systems for commercial structures. These buildings can include office buildings, hospitals, restaurants as well as warehouses, shops as well as medical buildings. Designers, architects and contractors usually collaborate with electricians for commercial projects. For them to be certified as commercial it is necessary to possess an active licence. These electricians work with bigger systems, in large buildings such as shopping malls offices, restaurant, shopping malls in government and government-owned buildings as well as in tall buildings. Residential wiring is any wire or electrical system that’s specifically designed for homes or residential homes. This wiring type is only available to homeowners. However commercial wiring is quite complicated , and was designed for commercial buildings.

An electrician is able to complete all tasks at home since they have sufficient experience and expertise to supply commercial electric solutions.

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