How to Measure Asphalt Paving Jobs – The Buy Me Blog

If your driveway needs to be paved or your parking space paved or sealed A paving contractor will arrive at the property to measure it before beginning the job. The measurement of the space that has to be paved or sealed will enable them to determine the cost of the job, estimate how long it’ll take and calculate the quantity of materials they’ll need for the work. This video will teach you how to measure a driveway or parking lot.

Parking lot and driveway contractors who paved the driveway will employ an instrument that is specially designed to assist their clients measure the size of the area. Contractors will use the tool to calculate the amount. It has both an handle and wheels. This is done in order to calculate the total area and measure the length multiplied by dimensions of the space. There will be a chance to witness a contractor take these measurements. Calculations of irregularities, for example those in culdesacs will need distinct math. The video will describe what to do in these cases.


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