How to Prepare for Micropigmentation on Your Scalp – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

You can get your hair tattooed. This means that rather than natural hair, you will have a tattoo of what hair will look like on your head. Anyone who has lost hair are a good candidate to undergo this procedure. In this article, we will explain how to get ready for micropigmentation of your scalp.

Prior to beginning the process, you must shave your head. Because the procedure will be carried out on your own scalp so it’s essential you do this. Micropigmentation is used to serve as a replacement for regular hair. Make sure before you go for your treatment, you’ve had your head shaved.

Another thing you must do to prepare is to wash and moisturize your scalp. This is vital since the scalp is likely to be slightly irritated during the procedure. It is important to strengthen your skin by moisturizing before you start.

Another method of preparing is to eat food and drink water. The procedure can last for several hours, which means your body must be prepared to go to work. It is simple to perform however, you must ensure that you’ve got a written note.


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