Criminal Attempts to Make a Movie-Worthy Escape – Strong Scene Contest

aboard trains. There’s a feeling that someone has been watching numerous action movies recently. This video shows a car stealer trying to flee on an electric train.

Why would a criminal place himself in such danger to get away? His only option was to stay in a automobile on the highway. A trainyard to his left was his sole feasible option. The car that he took was used for smashing through the fence. It drove through the railway tracks and at times on top of trains. The car would eventually stop at this point. Another option for the criminal was a moving tree. The good news for the police was that this criminal was not fast enough to hop on this speedy train. A helicopter of the police was watching the criminal’s movements, even if the criminal had managed to climb aboard. There was a possibility to contact the train driver and ask him to stop the train. However, the train driver was nabbed by police and will have be in touch with a bail bond agency to pay his bail , if he is unable to do so independently. The suspect could be held without bail.


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