How to Maintain HVAC System – Shop Smart Magazine

How to maintain your hvac system Leakage through the heat exchanger, or AC condensate lines and also the refrigerant line.
3. Dirt and debris

Your HVAC unit should not have particles from your filter reaching the panel. In addition to reducing your HVAC’s efficiency, dirty air filters release dust and allergens into the home, which lowers the overall quality of the air. Also, the unit could be affected by their presence.

It is crucial to schedule a service technician into your residence at least twice each year for preventative maintenance. This usually includes assessing the efficiency of the furnace as well as verifying the level of refrigerant in the system. In addition, it is important to check the for voltage and wiring on motors. Clean the compartments of the blower. Also, inspect the drainage systems and the drain pan. Also, flush the coils. It’s high time you schedule maintenance if your system has not been serviced in the past few years. Any potential issues will be identified and fixed.


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