What Does a Day in Assisted Living Communities Look Like? – Skyline Newspaper

When a person is unable or unwilling to take care of their own needs, and is unable to do so alone and requires assistance, they could require help from a physician or nursing facility. They allow older adults to be as independent and autonomy as they can while ensuring they are safe and well cared for. This YouTube video gives you an unpretentious glimpse into the day-to-day life of those of assisted living facilities.

This video outlines the daily schedules of the residents. It also highlights essential moments of the day. There’s plenty to observe about the lives of residents who live in assisted living units that includes social and meal celebrations, along with outings and services on-site. Behind-the-scenes services provided by aids, staff and medical specialists and also therapists can be revealed to those who visit.

This video is designed for family members and friends with questions about assisted living communities.


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