Protect Your Home With DIY Cockroach Control – Home Efficiency Tips

Cover and keep all food in a safe place from the reach of Cockroaches. Make sure you use airtight containers and make sure that you don’t keep the dog’s food or garbage left out, because cockroaches perceive these items as food source.

Cover up all openings which might allow cockroaches in your home. Roof leaks and holes in the walls give the cockroaches with easy access to the house. You can use your DIY skills and close holes in your wall.

DIY cockroach spray and traps can also be very helpful in repelling cockroaches. The traps can be made by making many or sprays in your own house. However, your abilities as a DIYer will dictate what types of sprays you’ll be competent to construct. It is possible to find instructional videos on the web about how to trap cockroaches. Pest control can be reached for specific information regarding spraying for cockroaches.

Take care to clean your house and make sure to cover any gaps or cracks. Watch the attached video to find out more on how to get rid of the cockroaches.


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