Tips for Annual RV and Trailer Repairs and Maintenance – Your Oil

In the ideo of campers, they require regular maintenance to ensure that they remain safe and dry for occupants. Mark, a “Walnut Ridge” service advisor, discusses the 3 basic trailer repairs necessary each year in order to accomplish this aim.

Initially, the wheel bearings are taken off after taking the tires off the camper. This feature helps prevent troubles with the camper’s tires. Once removed and inspected the old grease is taken off, then replaced with top-quality grease for bearings. Then, the tires are remounted on the camper.

Next, the camper roof will be inspected for any voids. If leaks are discovered then a sealant made of fox is used to seal the voids. Furthermore, the sides are checked. Campers are kept in good condition by this procedure, which involves replacing the sealant which has been dissolved.

It’s similar to the first, but the slides must be examined for tears or any other concerns. Three times a year, the slide-outs are subject to a condition check because when using them for camping, they’re at risk of sun damage to their rubber parts.

These are the three most crucial for repairs to trailers for camper owners in order to ensure their safety in this home away from home. mdrafcpoqe.

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