Setting Up an Overhead Boom Mic By Yourself – This Week Magazine

Using the correct verhead boom microphone is one of the top methods to fix audio problems in a video. If you don’t know how to correctly install your microphone then you’re likely to have audio issues when making video. The steps below are what you must follow in order to set in place microphone booms with no audio professionals.

You need three basic components for setting up the boom microphone that is a c-stand, boom pole holder, and one grip head. After connecting the boom microphone to the c-stand, position it on top of the camera. You should raise the mic slowly until it is cleared away from the video frame.

Wrap a piece of light-colored tissue around the edge to prevent the microphone’s tip from piercing the frame. You can also put a light or sandbag stand over the c-stand to increase its stability.

To prevent the XLR cables from getting into your frame, wrap them around the length of the pole using A spiral. Below is a link that will walk you through how to create an overhead mic. 7mug9d836i.

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