Common Golfer Mistakes – Contemporary Art Magazine

se. However, we novices do ourselves no favors in making mistakes fundamental to the field that can be avoided with careful deliberation.

1. Maintain it as close terra firma as possible when shooting shots on the green.
2. If the average amateur was to put one additional club with each iron shot that they took it would be possible to eliminate shots from their record. Yes, occasionally they’d fire one through the back , but most of the time they’d be close in the vicinity of the flag.
3. Long-game players typically have a lot of guns they’re not planning to employ. Why have a driver in your bag if you aren’t able to, and will not, strike it? There’s no need for a plethora of fairway woodens when you have the four-hybrid.
4. It’s no secret that hitting the right ball is all about timing. You know that if you are swinging too fast, you’ll lose your rhythm and the result won’t be pretty. With a driver in your hand and a par-5 in the distance and the thought that will come into your brain: “This one is going to be huge!”

If you’re a golfer, watch out for these 4 mistakes. ibkhwfu3mc.

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