What is a Medical Expert Witness? – Community Legal Services

als points out that there are two main witnesses in the court of law: the fact witness, sometimes referred to as the eye witness as well as an expert witness. One of the main differences between these two types is the fact-based witness often referred to as an eye witness , or the expert witness. The fact witnesses testify about the events they’ve seen or have experienced. Expert witnesses depend on their particular abilities or experience to present their assessment.
A medical expert witness can be described as one with expertise, knowledge, training, or education in the medical field. They can be licensed doctors, surgeons or nurses. They are guided by adequate evidence. This evidence can be reviewed. Additionally, a medical expert witness employs solid procedures and concepts to arrive at a given viewpoint.
Medical expert witnesses must be able to demonstrate their knowledge, training and practical experience. An expert in medical science is often called upon as witnesses in medical malpractice cases or in personal injury court lawsuits. Medical expert witnesses are usually used by attorneys during the discovery or trial stage of a case. b93yejksw3.

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