Remodeling Your Unused Crawl Space – Rad Center

Are you sick of having your crawl space squandered? In recent years, the majority of homeowners turn their crawl spaces into useful storage areas, storage closets for the cleaning, as well as bedrooms. Many are using their crawl space as a means to construct a whole new room at home. While you may need extensive visits by crawl space mold removal companies and specialty contractors and specialists, it is impossible to know what cool things you can make with the crawl room that is behind your walls. This video shows how one person transformed his crawl space into a luxurious modern bedroom.

The concrete cubby was affixed on one side of this home, and was essentially just a floor that had walls. The homeowner put in a basic carpet fragment, and used an old siding piece from his previous work-related projects for the walls. In order to make an optical illusion, he made use of remnants of foam of a previous home improvement work for a type of shimmer in the crawlspace ceiling. It all looks fantastic, and all made from a space the homeowners never intended to possess!


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