How to Fix a Clay Sewer Pipe – Family Magazine

expanding and contracting, blockages in the pipes, and many more. This video shows how to do sewer repairs on a cracked clay drainpipe.

First, find the fracture. Maybe you’re performing some digging and digging around your property for another project and find it. It is also necessary to own an image camera with an comprehension of the pipe’s design if you are not so fortunate. You will have to search for the pipe.

To remove the rough edges from the pipe, use diamond cutter. Use a sander or a diamond cutter for smoothing the freshly cut edges. Use a measuring stick to determine the distance between the two ends of the pipe that are not closed. Rubber seals can be purchased at your local hardware store which will be able to match the drainage pipes’ diameter. Purchase PVC pipe that’s at the very least length as the distance that is between two ends.

Attach the rubber seals at the ends , then put the PVC pipe that is between. It is an interim solution and can be used until a professional repairs your drainage system. Check out the video for further details.


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