How Does Aerial Lidar Work? – Technology Radio

. It’s usually carried out from an aircraft or drone. How is it possible? Through this short video you will be able to find out.

Lidar functions by using a special mounted camera shoot lasers in all directions. They measure the duration to an object and back over. The computer can then create data points for each of the hardpoints within a 3-dimensional area. When these data points are combined, they are able to be a 3-D representation. As an example, a drone might be flown across a site that is being thought of as a potential dam site. After flying across the landscape and capturing the landscape, the computer will make a three-dimensional model of the place. It can be cleaned and handed over to the construction company to ensure they are given an exact map of their job location. As you can imagine, it makes the planning process much simpler. This can be more efficient over traditional techniques for surveying. However, targets should be established before the drone starts flying. While stitching together the data those targets function to serve as reference points. They also create references for drones.


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