What Can You Expect From Your Reroofing Project – DIY Projects for Home

Step-by-step guidance for reshaping your roofing.
The following equipment is required for this DIY project: the following tools for this DIY project safety eyewear, gloves and knee pads; rubber wrapping with cement and tape measure; staple gun; roofing nails that have razor blades an air compressor that has a water hoseand roofing paper. First step of the method is to take off the roofing shingles with care so that they don’t get damaged.
Make use of a broom and clean your roof following the removal of all the shingles. The next step is installation of roofing felt. To do that, you need to measure the distance from the roof’s end towards the house. After measuring, start cutting the felt by using two pieces of straight wood. Following this step, you will need attaching the felt to the substrate, using of the staple gun. Make sure the felt is tightly adhered in the direction of the substrate.
The following step is layering the shingles. The standard three-tier shingle can be used for this purpose. In first row of shingles place the shingle upside down and tack it into position and after that, place another shingle to its right. This technique ensures weather proofing as well as stability. If you wish to continue the process of reroofing without any help from roof company, watch this tutorial until the very end. o79endn6wz.