Make a Scrunchie with Pom Poms – Swap Shop Radio

Customizing a scrunchie is among of the top items right now. There are many options for creating your own scrunchies. It is true that there are some that are more flashy than others.

Before you begin looking for tutorials, you should take some time to think about the manner you’d like your scrunchies to look. Do you want an intense or muted hue? Do you wish it to be a single colour, or several colours? Are you looking for a specific style in mind for the scrunchie?

Scrunchies are very easy to make at the home. You only need a small amount of fabric, some elastic cord and some sewing equipment. This tutorial shows you how to make a flashy scrunchie with the above materials. In the video the pom-pom scrunchie will be constructed using sheer fabric and the loose pompoms. The end result is the color of a rainbow.

You can also purchase premade scrunchies pom-pom online for those who are having difficulty following the instructions or prefer something different than that you’ll get from the products available within your region. j2bzfe3zlq.

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