Shine Articles How to Choose Between Invisalign and Braces

After soaking them, rinse under cold or warm water at least 15 minutes before serving them to your mouth. Notably, avoid using scalding hot water for cleaning your aligners since it could affect their fitting.

4. Be sure to thoroughly wash your Trays

You have to clean your aligners each morning after brushing your teeth . You should also clean them every night before going to bed. A routine that you do in the morning can help clear away any dry saliva and bacteria which can build up over night and maintain a high level of oral hygiene.

5. Store Your Aligners in the Travel Case

Invisalign comes with a travel case that makes storage simpler and much more practical. This case is ideal to transport and keep the aligners. The casing protects against any accidental injury while also ensuring hygiene. If you leave the tray in open air exposes them to accumulation of bacteria, which can spread into your mouth.

If you are considering what is the best option, braces or Invisalign, opting for the latter option, you may run into some issues that sometimes occur in brace wearers. These tips will help you take charge of your equipment and handle any issues.

1. 1. Spacer Was Out Spacer Was Out

Orthodontic spacers, also called separators are the tools that doctors use before starting brace treatments. They’re temporarily used to aid in separating your teeth when they become too close. This process usually isn’t painful However, you could feel an uncomfortable sensation or perhaps extreme suffering.

If you are uncomfortable, you may begin to fiddle with the installation that could result in an arear becoming detached from your ivories. For stretching the spacer in this case, grab two pieces of dental floss and place them inside the spacer. Then, you can begin to slide the separator forward and back. vs67dhwcia.

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