How to Make Your Own Beer Candle – InClue

For the construction of the candle you will require paraffin wax, an electric heating device, glue gun and glue, gel wax thread to make the candle wick, scent, a glass beer mug, and the color pigment. Put aside this equipment prior to the build. The string must be cut at least twice as long as it’s. Fold the line in half so you have two strings next to one another. Tie one end. Twirl the cords and knot the other with a knot. One knot from the string is to be attached onto the bottom of a glass cup. The gel wax should be placed in a heated wax oven to completely melt. Add the colored powder and mix it well. Add scent to the melted wax. To trap and create bubbles make sure to stir the mixture regularly. Pull the string from the bottom of the glass until the candle is standing tall. To ensure that the string is on the surface of your glass put it in between two pencils. The wax that is melted must be poured into the glass. On a heating device, melt the paraffin wax. Use a white crayon for an alternative for giving it some white color for an alternative. When thoroughly heated to a high temperature, pour the hardened wax in the glass. Remove the wick that is not used. miy85qrjbs.

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