Common Types of Lawyer Specialities What Kind of Legal Help Do I Need? – American Personal Rights

The attorneys they work with work with those who are currently in bankruptcy cases as well as with clients who might be thinking of making bankruptcy an option, but have yet to do so. Attorneys are available for advice and assistance about bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 is only applicable to individuals with debts, most bankruptcy attorneys deal with all sorts of bankruptcies, including options for individuals and businesses available under chapters 7 and 11. Tax and medical balances are the two most common types of personal debt. While it is possible to come to an agreement on settling your balance with your medical professional or hospital, this can often take some time and add cost of your debt. It is also possible to be subject to an interest charge in the event that you are offered a repayment plan by the IRS offers a repayment plan.

Consulting an experienced lawyer is especially important when dealing with cases that involve bankruptcy or irs debt. If you aren’t paying taxes, the IRS can impose lien on the property you own or even garnish your wages. So it’s crucial to talk to an experienced lawyer before signing any contract. 8gkwz6wjs5.

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