Rochester NY Uster County


Besides the large city of Rochester there is a small town called Rochester NY in Ulster county in New York State. The town of Rochester NY Ulster County was named in honor of the Earl of Rochester. Rochester was given the status of a town in Ulster County New York State 1877. The town grew around a small settlement of settlers from Holland. Rochester The Dutch named the town Mombaccus and this name was later changed to Rochester.

The early Dutch settlers settled in the area that later became Rochester NY Ulster county in 1700. The first Church in Rochester NY Ulster county was built by these Dutch settlers. The history of the town is reserved by a volunteer not for profit subscription funded citizen group called Friends of Historic Rochester. Rochester New York also has a museum and a library where details of the town’s history is available. Though not a large industrial town like its namesake Rochester city of Monroe County Rochester New York Ulster county is important in the history of European settlements in New York.


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